chateau eza, or the best surprises come with pricey ticket stubs

The last full day of our trip in Eze Village (and my internship) was surprisingly the best one, namely because my mother convinced me to shoot off up Chateau Eza along with my coworker Kristi from Kaprice - even though both of us were too tired to really get excited about it. Chateau Eza is probably the highlight of Cote d'Azur's Eze Village and definitely a little more renowned than everything else we headed off to; being one part castle ruin, one part boutique hotel and all parts run over with Korean tourists. It sits on the very top of Eze Village which affords it the most heartbreaking view of the Riviera.

If you skip past the fresh fruit stall, the White Knight restaurant (it's pretty alright food in there actually) and skirt past the extortionately priced souvenir stores, you'll reach the sloping entrance. The castle itself is a gorgeous winding mess of narrow staircases and cobblestone paths which were a little tiring to navigate in the blistering summer heat - especially since Kristi and I took a wrong turning more than a couple of times as the way to the top isn't very well sign posted. That said, it is all free and chock full of character - pathways that lead to nowhere, quirky boutiques and low archways.

Determined to see the view, we went straight to the top where we came to a sudden impasse at a turnstile. Sure, the views we'd seen so far were breathtaking but we were both consumed with a need to get to the very top - only you have to pay about 10 Euros to enter Le Jardin d'Exotique, whatever the hell that was. After some deliberation, we decided screw it and forked over the cash and oh man - you really can't put a price tag on experiences.

We didn't know it at the time, but we'd walked into Chateau Eza's private rooftop garden. It's hands down the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my life (allowing Mas Provençal of course), like legit tear enducing. And there was something even more special about the fact that we hadn't even been expecting it.

eze village

God, you were good to me Eze Village. This day's always going to stick in my memory as the perfect end to the perfect internship spent trekking across Europe, mere days before I graduated from university and left Europe for good.

Thank you Kaprice for taking me along, I wore your dress with pride on graduation day. And most of all, thanks to my mother for putting up with my crap and forcing me to scale Chateau Eza.