How To Style Something That Excites ANd Terrifies You

Starring my birthday gift to myself: a gorgeous Sister Jane dress.

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Welcome to my corner of the internet, I'm Meg C. Hills and you're watching the Disney Channel. I write a lot and about a lot. You'll find works on travel, people, fashion and more tucked away here, accompanied by dad jokes and photography. 

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I'm Not Chinese. I Also Wore A QiPao To prom.

I've had a qipao in my closet for as long as I can remember, so when that massive controversy regarding an American student wearing a qipao to prom blew up - it tore me apart.

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I Bought That Infamous £200 Topshop Dress. Then I Returned It.

I snagged that super famous Topshop dress, then sold it when I hit a rough financial patch. It's now going for triple the price on eBay - here's a little primer on why some dresses go viral and others don't.

london fashion blog

Seeing Lights at God's Own Junkyard

Tucked away in a warehouse in Walthamstow lies God's Own Junkyard, a chaotic temple to the art of neon artistry and the late Chris Bracey. 


How to Not Write About Grief

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